My First Gym Visit…

… for about 6 years.

We are in our third year of living in our current apartment complex, and today, for the first time (now singing For the First Time in Forever) I visited our little gym. It is free to use and very well kept, the only excuse I had, and it was a poor one, was that our old apartment was on the other side of the complex… but now we live just across the road!

Josh got in from work, we ate dinner (BBQ pulled pork sandwiches with mashed potato and vegetables) and Josh gave J2 a bath while I fed J3. Once J2 was in bed I dug out my workout clothes, grabbed a pair of headphones and headed out the door. I then came back inside because I’d forgotten my water, but then I was off!


SW stands for Stilt Walking… only kidding, it’s Slimming World.

Our gym has two treadmills, two ellipticals, dumbbells, a rowing machine, and a couple of weight machines. I, being a novice, stuck to the treadmill, but this wasn’t an ordinary treadmill, it was an iFit. I could watch YouTube videos, use it to control the TV that was mounted on the wall, plug my iPhone into it and play music without using my battery, it even had built in fans! I spent my hour watching Critical Role.

Now, I didn’t get on the treadmill just to faff around with all of the options. I eventually chose to do a ‘trail’ that lead up the western coast of South Africa. It was 3.02 miles long, and the elevation changed throughout the workout. I stuck to a consistent pace of 3mph, but I ran at 5mph a handful of times, and it was a lot easier than I expected! I felt so good in fact, that I could’ve carried on for a while longer, or gone for a walk along the bayou, but my phone ran out of battery almost as soon as I left the building (I didn’t know about the charging thing until I got there.)


Instead, I headed home and walked in to find Josh holding J2, and J3 still awake in the living room.

So, while I was having some ‘me’ time, Josh wasn’t having the most smooth evening at home. J2 had refused to go to sleep, he kept leaving his room, no matter how many warnings he received, Josh even gave him some more milk and let him drink it in bed, but to no avail. J3 had been in the ‘frog bouncer‘ all evening, bouncing himself and giggling away.

As soon as J3 knew I was there he started fussing for food, so I rushed and took and shower, grabbed my pajamas and went to the boys’ room to put them both down. After about 30 minutes of singing Twinkle, Twinkle, and feeding J3 while soothing J2, they were asleep! Then I managed to get my after picture!


And then the evening was my oyster!