This week in the World of Slimming 2/2/17

As I said last week, I am starting again.
I asked the moderators to reset my profile, take away all of my awards and put me back to the beginning of the 12 week intro program.

And it worked!

We went to San Antonio, had a great time at PAX, and I was completely off plan. This gave me a massive gain on the scales, I actually ended the weekend at 218.2 pounds!

Tuesday rolled around and I jumped back in with two feet, I had fruit for breakfast, a lovely salad for lunch and made Taco Soup for dinner. Josh wasn’t too keen on the soup, he has an issue with texture and didn’t like the cooked tomato and green chili, next time I’ll blitz it so that it’s smooth. He did like the taste however, and I also forgot to add the frozen corn and cooked rice, so that will give it more body too and make it even more filling than it already is!

Weigh-in day came and I was hoping to be, at most, 215 lbs, just to be back at the beginning and to start again. I was so happy when the scales read 212.0! Not only did I lose my vacation pounds, I lost a little bit more too!

Here’s how I plan on keeping it going this week:


I’ve added a little syn marker where I plan on using syns, and Sunday will be a flexible syn day due to the Super Bowl party we’re heading too. I think that if I can have a blowout weekend and still lose weight during the week, I think I’ll be okay with one synful meal!

Until next time,
Laura x

This week in the World of Slimming 1/26/17

So, yep, that’s that.

This week I completely fell off of the wagon. Lately I’ve been talking the talk but finding it increasingly difficult to walk the walk, and it finally caught up with me.

There is good news however, while weighing in online I realized what my problem is:

Since Christmas I’ve really struggled to get back into things and the weight has slowly crept back on. I’ve not been dealing with it, just letting it happen, which has made me start to feel really guilty, I’ve had some moments of self-loathing and doubts as to why Josh should care about me if I don’t care about myself. Yep, it got pretty dark at one point.

My solution is to wipe out my history. I’ve asked the admins to remove my awards, and clear out my progress, starting from scratch at today’s weigh in of 213.8 pounds. This way there’s no crushing guilt from knowing that I’ve wasted the hard work of last 6 months, or feeling like I’ve climbed a huge hill only to roll back down and have to start again even though I’m already exhausted.

That all being said, we are going on vacation this weekend. It’s time for PAX South in San Antonio! We are super excited and I plan on being off-plan until Tuesday, from then it will be Slimming World all the way. Josh has even agreed to do it with me, one hundred percent.


So, we’re going to do a lot of walking and eating, be complete nerds and have a great time!

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Until next time,
Laura x

2017 Resolutions AKA The changes I’m aiming to make this year.

Happy new year to y’all!

I know I’m almost a week late, it’s been a busy week, but the sentiment was always there.

This busy week has been filled with making plans and setting schedules, organizing our time and generally have a refresh of a lot of things, which brings me to my titular subject today.

Every year I make a resolution, usually along the lines of, “I’ll lose weight this year, look out summer!” And this year is no exception! However, this year I have a set plan, as opposed to the vagueness of ‘eat less, exercise more’.
As you know, in August last year I joined Slimming World USA Online, and over the course of 4 months I lost 20 pounds. Then, over the course of Christmas, I put on 15 pounds, but I’m perfectly okay with that. If I hadn’t lost the weight in the first place, then I would be even heavier than I was in August.
So, my plan for this new year, is to refocus and carry on with SW. It’s the simplest plan I’ve ever made!

As far as other resolutions go, I used my lovely new bullet journal to make a record of them, I spent some time thinking about my life and the things I’d like to change about it.resolutions

As you can see, my aims are pretty varied, and I think that’s a good idea for when you’re making resolutions.

Don’t make your year be so focused on one thing that you pass up other opportunities to change because they don’t fit with The Plan.

One week in and I’m still on track.

  • I’m using an app to read the Bible, it has reading plans to break it down into relevant books and verses.
  • We’ve been to the park a few times and walked the path.
  • I take time every evening to write in my journal and I’m trying to get a new page done every couple of days.

From now on I’ll try to do a monthly report of how I’m doing, and that will be another incentive to keep me on track.

Wish me luck!

Until next time,
Laura x