Things We Love! (2014)

EDIT: While proofreading this I realized just how varied our interests and tastes are.

  • Video games
    • We’re very eclectic. I’m currently playing through the Mass Effect Trilogy for the third time.
      My XBOX gamertag is guidingvixen, feel free to add me.
  • Movies
  • Board games
    • Having recently discovered Tabletop, we found a new appreciation for the humble board game, and found that some are not so humble. Our collection has grown from Scrabble and Monopoly, to over 20 games, including Formula D, a formula 1 and street car racing game; Arkham Horror which is based on the works of HP Lovecraft; Smallworld, a bit like Risk but in a fantasy setting and Ticket to Ride: Europe, a train game!
  • Webcomics
    • There are links on the right of the page to our favourites.
      WARNING! Some are Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
  • Music
    • I like anything with a good beat and melody, anything I can sing along to. Bandit is a Rush guy.
  • Books
    • I grew up with Harry Potter, I was given Philosopher’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets by my Grandad, and at the time they were the only two out. I queued at midnight for the last 4, and I cried when the last book ended.
      But I’m not all about HP,  I enjoy sci-fi, fantasy, detective, adventure books and as a child read my way through the Penguin Classics collection.
      Bandit is much more widely read than I am.
  • Doing nothing
    • Lazy days!
  • Doing everything
    • Super productive days!
  • Eating out
    • Favourite steak: Texas Roadhouse
    • Favourite tex-mex: Lupe Tortillas
    • Favourite fast food: Whataburger
    • Favourite salad and breadsticks: Olive Garden
  • Eating in
    • When we move we will do a lot more of this!
  • Camping
    • I went camping around once a year while in England, but I’m scared to now because of all the poisonous and deadly critters you have over here!

Got all that?

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