Well, hello there!

Wow, July 1st.
That makes it three months and five days since I said that I would tell you how I’m doing.

I do have Facebook back on my phone, my husband told me about Peanut, an app to help Mamas make Mama friends, and through that I connected with a lovely lady who runs a playgroup on Facebook for families here in Katy! Since then the boys and I have been to numerous play dates, I’ve hosted a few and we’ve made some really sweet friends.
My depression has lessened and although I’m pretty sure I weigh more than ever, I am happier than I have been for a while.

The boys are f*cking amazing.
J2 is so smart and sweet, we are so lucky to be his parents. He can be grumpy and have a bad attitude, but that always makes me laugh and that makes him laugh and then the bad mood is gone. He is speaking in full sentences, he knows the alphabet and most of the letter sounds, he can count up to 12 but misses out 6 every time and he knows his colors and shapes. More important than all of that though is that he is a great big brother. I often hear them descend into giggles while they’re playing, and even though they fight over toys they always give each other a hug and a kiss and say sorry.
J3 is equally smart and sweet, but a little more sassy than his brother. He’ll say no and run away when it’s Diaper Time, he will empty a bucket of blocks onto the floor just so he can climb on it to get to something I’ve put away,  he’ll take food from his brother’s plate when he still has food in his mouth and in his other hand. He can communicate his wants and needs mostly, and understands almost everything we ask him to do.

We had J3 sleeping in our bedroom for a while, to get J2 into better sleeping habits, and we only recently moved him back. It’s been a bit rough, but they seem to be doing okay this evening, keep your fingers crossed for us!

Josh and I have made a renewed effort to get some video games made. He has so many great ideas and concepts that would be made so much better with good art! My drawing is getting better, but nowhere near the level that I would be happy with. To help with that we’ve created a page on Patreon, here people can become patrons and sponsor us for as little as $1 a month. Depending on the tier that patrons choose they get different perks, ranging from a special thanks in the game to a Hairy Men Games t-shirt.

I’m not going to commit to when I’ll post next, you’ve seen how that goes, but I will get back to you, hopefully before Christmas, and let you know how we are.

Until next time,

Laura x


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