My Birthday

Yesterday I turned 31. 

To me, it seems like more of a milestone than 30 was. I think it’s because last year we really celebrated my birthday, for like a month. We went on shopping sprees, ate out at restaurants, I had my hair dyed and we had meals with family and friends. It was extended slightly by Mother’s Day the very next day, and a baby shower in June. This all made it feel more immature and irresponsible, like being 30 was just another excuse to spend a lot, eat a lot and party. 

Thirty-one, however, has passed with a cheery wave and a sigh. We ate at Lupe’s on Saturday with my inlaws, then Kabob Korner for lunch yesterday with the grand-inlaws, and today I’m back to doing laundry, sweeping and being an adult. 

Although! I did have a great time last night playing board games with Josh, I also had my first alcoholic drink in, well over, a year which added a silly haze to everything. 

In fact, I think we might start recording our board game sessions for YouTube, maybe try to build an online following before putting our plans into action in a few years time. I’ll keep you updated. 

Honestly, 31 feels fine. I’m fine, Josh is fine, the boys are fine. Everything is pretty good. 

Until next time,

Laura x

I’ll just leave this here x

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