My Birthday

Yesterday I turned 31. 

To me, it seems like more of a milestone than 30 was. I think it’s because last year we really celebrated my birthday, for like a month. We went on shopping sprees, ate out at restaurants, I had my hair dyed and we had meals with family and friends. It was extended slightly by Mother’s Day the very next day, and a baby shower in June. This all made it feel more immature and irresponsible, like being 30 was just another excuse to spend a lot, eat a lot and party. 

Thirty-one, however, has passed with a cheery wave and a sigh. We ate at Lupe’s on Saturday with my inlaws, then Kabob Korner for lunch yesterday with the grand-inlaws, and today I’m back to doing laundry, sweeping and being an adult. 

Although! I did have a great time last night playing board games with Josh, I also had my first alcoholic drink in, well over, a year which added a silly haze to everything. 

In fact, I think we might start recording our board game sessions for YouTube, maybe try to build an online following before putting our plans into action in a few years time. I’ll keep you updated. 

Honestly, 31 feels fine. I’m fine, Josh is fine, the boys are fine. Everything is pretty good. 

Until next time,

Laura x

I’ll just leave this here x


I just got a notification that my traffic is a lot higher than normal and then realized that I hadn’t posted in anything in a good long while! So, here’s an update:

Both the boys have just gotten over a bout of croup and are doing much better.

J2 is almost speaking in full sentences, and has discovered a love of Moana! He has made great progress with his letters, numbers, colors and shapes too.
J3 is so close to walking independently, he can walk while holding on to something, and will take a step or two to transfer himself from the futon to the coffee table. He has his two bottom teeth, and I’m pretty sure his top ones are coming in too because he is so grumbly!
The boys love playing together, and have walked around holding hands a few times!

Josh and I have had some serious discussions about our future and we have made some awesome plans. They will be about five years in the making though, so we’re not going public until we have some things set in concrete.

As always there are new designs in the Threadless Store – Crafty in Katy.

I’m sure more has happened, and if I think of it I promise I’ll tell y’all.

Until next time,

Laura x