Foggy Inspiration

We had a late night, and a very early morning. I got the boys down for a nap at 7:10, that may give you an indication of how early I was awake.

Josh was asleep, the boys were asleep, the apartment was quiet, and it was beautiful outside, so I went for a walk. All. On. My. Own.

dscn2986It has been raining a lot here lately, as it has for most of the south-east US, so the boots were a must this morning.

dscn2989dscn2993I love foggy mornings, everything’s blurry and out of focus, that shape in the distance could be a bush, or it could be bear, or a troll. Everything has the potential to be anything else.

dscn2996And with fog comes dew.

Until next time,
Laura x

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