J2’s Kitchen

Problem: J2 LOVES our kitchen, he will not stay out, no matter what we tell him.

He also LOVES playing with the toy kitchens at his Grandparent’s and Great Grandparent’s houses.

Solution: Get him one of his own.

Now, there are tons of toy kitchens out there, of all sizes, designs and, more importantly, quality. J2 is a busy boy, he loves to run, jump, crash into things, fall down, bang things together, climb… I think you get the idea. We needed a kitchen that would survive him.

After doing lots of research and reading reviews, I settled on the KidKraft Vintage Kitchen. It’s sturdy, bright, and has lots of moving bits to keep J2 interested.

Josh and I picked it up on the Monday before Christmas and left it in the garage with the intent of assembling it on Christmas Eve.

As you know from recent posts, we are all sick, and we have been for a while. This turned out to be more of a problem on Christmas Eve when I sent Josh to bed at 8 because he had a migraine and was pretty much out of commission.
Two hours later I decided to get started thinking, ‘It won’t take too long, it’ll be like an Ikea bookshelf, easy!’


I started out with this:


And what followed was this:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




Yes, it took me seven hours. During those seven hours I put J2 back to bed once, fed J3 twice, and did some cleaning to keep myself awake.

I ended up going to bed at 5am, and got up again at 8am to start our Christmas Day celebrations with some cinnamon roll waffles.

J2 LOVED the kitchen, so it was definitely worth it, it’s the first thing he plays with in the mornings, and the thing we have to drag him away from at night.

Until next time,
Laura x

Note to self: In future, take a look at the instructions at least 24 hours before something’s needed!

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