Diets, Dungeons and Dragons

Thursday evenings are generally my evenings where I’m off Boy duty.

7pm – Js’ bedtime
8pm – My online Slimming World group meeting
9pm – Critical Role!

This evening we started bedtime a little bit earlier, and as this is only the second night that they are sharing a room, it took longer than when it was just J2; but they were eventually down by 7:54, just in time for my SW group meeting.

I joined SW back in England in 2012, and I loved it. I lost about 35lbs in ten months, while still eating all of the foods that I enjoy.

In the meeting we spoke about how to stay on track during the festive season, what tools we could use to help us turn down all the naughty but nice treats, and what foods we could replace them with.

After our meeting had finished, I got Slimmer of the Week btw, I came up with my December Challenge. I see it as a way to keep my head in the game throughout the holidays.

I then settled down to a few hours of watching ‘a group of nerdy-ass voice actors play Dungeons and Dragons.’ Sadly, Josh was feeling unwell and I had to see to the boys throughout the night, and eventually fell asleep towards the end.

Critical Role is what inspired me to start my own campaign, and now that we have fully moved into the new apartment we will be able to play more regularly. I would love to be able to share our sessions via YouTube, and maybe one day I will.

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